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Post Partum Check up

The baby is finally here! Why is my body not back to 'normal'??

You have options about post-partum physical therapy.  You can certainly choose to wait until after your 6-week visit with your OBGYN.  


However, if you are having more pressing issues, you can start at physical therapy prior to your 6-week checkup; though a full pelvic floor assessment would be waived until your healing has completed.  


Prior to your 6-week visit, physical therapy can guide you with any educational questions that may arise as well as evaluate other parts of the body that may need attending to (spine, hips, pelvis).  

This physical therapy check up will also give you the peace of mind you're looking for in order to safely return to fitness.


The typical postpartum checkup will consist of:

  • A full pelvic floor checkup for both tissue tension and strength/endurance

  • Possible scarring due to episiotomy or tearing

  • Pelvic floor mechanics

    • Check for correct activation and relaxation

  • Pelvic floor evaluation for possible prolapse 

  • Abdominal wall activation with diaphragmatic breathing

  • Potential Diastasis Recti (DRA)

    • Evaluate the need for an abdominal brace for DRA support​

  • Pelvic stability and hip strength


During this time we can also incorporate the best method for stabilizing while holding/picking up baby/being on the floor with baby/transferring baby from one place to another

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