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I can go to physical therapy for THAT??
(psst...yes you can)
What is Constipation?

Constipation is actually defined as having a bowel movement once every 3 days or longer.  So not going for a day or even two days is not technically considered constipation.  However, when it’s unusual for you, it can indicate an issue.

Why can't I go?

As with everything else, there are many reasons that you may be having troubles.  Types of foods, amount of fluid, medications, lack of movement, and even spine troubles can lead to constipation.

To strain or not to strain...

Definitely not to strain.  Straining can weaken the pelvic floor and create other problems.  But if you have to, there actually is a “right” way to strain.  This is something that can be discussed during your session.

How can a physical therapist help my constipation?

Actually, there is much a PT can do to help here.  The evaluation usually entails a look at the abdomen, hips, pelvis and pelvic floor.  We’ll go over types of foods being eaten and types/amount of fluids necessary.  And we’ll also take a look at your daily activity and movements that may be helpful to stimulate motility of the gut.  

When will I be regular?

Well, the gut likes to take its time.  It also likes to be ‘on a schedule’, so to speak.  So full ‘back to normal’ regimen can take a few months.  A lot of this time can entail homework that you will be doing on your own to help create a more typical timetable for your body.

Get a move on!

Constipation is not a way of living and should not define your life.  Even if you've lived with chronic constipation, there are ways to better manage and even change it.  If you are dealing with constipation or gut pain due to slower motility, please contact us to get on the path towards positive gut health and mobility.

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