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Yoga Pose for Pelvic Pain
Pelvic Pain Therapy

What is Pelvic Pain?

Pelvic pain is any type of pain into the pelvis and pelvic floor, though generally categorized as pelvic floor pain or dysfunction.  For women, this means pain into and around the vagina, perineum or anal regions.  It can be generalized pain, pain with insertion, pain with intercourse, pain to the touch, pain with urination or bowel movements.  It can happen for any number of reasons and is different for everyone.  Men as well as women can experience pelvic floor pain.  Yes, men have a pelvic floor as well as a similar muscular structure to women (with some obvious differences).

Is it treatable?

The short answer is yes! this is absolutely treatable.  Though there are many factors that go into pelvic floor pain; with your dedication, you can have freedom from daily discomfort.  You can experience a normal sex life.  You can have less pain with diagnoses such as endometriosis and interstitial cystitis.  And yes, you can go to the bathroom without pain or burning.  

Does treatment hurt?

No, treatment should not hurt.  There are many types of treatments that can be done in order to allow the pelvic floor to relax before any kind of internal work is completed.  And certainly there will be no internal pelvic floor evaluation until you are 100% comfortable.  

How long until I'm better?

You and your conditions, being special and unique, will take a period of time specific to you.  I know this is never the answer that you want to hear.  However there are many factors that go into pelvic pain, some of which may not even involve the pelvic floor.  All of these intricacies need to be sorted out before healing is complete.  

I've been abused; I don't want an internal exam, can I still have therapy? 

Yes! Of course you can have therapy.  And you absolutely deserve to have the best.  As stated, there is no internal exam until or unless you are 100% on board.  If you never feel ready for an internal exam, there are many other avenues to explore:  external work on the pelvis, back, abdomen, legs;  positional releases for the hips and legs; CranioSacral therapy; Visceral Manipulation therapy; even resting in certain, perhaps more vulnerable positions, with breathing-work.  There are so many options available for sensitive and appropriate healing that do not include an internal exam.

What's next?

Pelvic pain is not something that you have to live with or endure.  Cringing through intercourse with your partner is not OK; nor is avoiding intimacy altogether.  Using tampons, having intercourse, even getting your GYN visit, should not be dreaded events.   Using the bathroom should be a comfort, not anxiety driven.  If you are experiencing pelvic pain, for any reason, please contact us to get started on your journey towards pelvic health and comfort.

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