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I have this pressure in my vagina…it gets worse when I stand and move  

When I look ‘down there’, I see something that’s not right…like something is coming out

I have to push into my vagina to have a bowel movement  

If I jump up and down, I start feeling this heaviness in my pelvis

It hurts to have sex, like something is blocking the way

If any of the above statements sound familiar, you may have a prolapse
What does prolapse mean?


For the pelvic floor, a prolapse is an organ that has suffered regional weakness and is pushing through the vaginal or rectal wall.  The weakness is generally part muscular and part ligamentous and can occur for many reasons; one of the most notable being from pushing during delivery.  Another main cause is from straining due to constipation.  

What kinds of things can prolapse?

Well…all sorts of things can prolapse.  The most common is called a cystocele, or a bladder prolapse.  Another common type is a uterine prolapse, a prolapse of the uterus.  The rectum can also prolapse into the vaginal wall;  this is called a rectocele.  It can even prolapse onto itself; a rectal prolapse.  While there are many other organs that can prolapse, the important thing to keep in mind is that it is fixable…and surgery isn't the only answer.

Will the pressure go away?

Yes!  The pressure can actually go away; the bulge can return to a more normal position.  There are many avenues to explore with this diagnosis.  Studies have shown that with the help of appropriate physical therapy and even a possible pessary, success can be achieved.  

Pressure be gone!

That pressure sensation that you feel should not be there and you do not have to live with it.  You should not have to keep you legs glued together for fear of something falling out.  You should not have to change your fitness routines because the pressure is too great or stop cheering at your child's games because of pelvic heaviness.  If you experience these symptoms and would like to make a change, please contact us to begin your return to wholeness.

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