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Union Yoga and Physical Therapy is situated as part of a home office in a serene, treelined neighborhood in Annandale, VA.  For your convenience and privacy, it has direct access from the driveway into the office space.  It is a private space for your one-on-one treatment session. There is no waiting room or office staff to muddle through.  The space is fully disinfected between each patient.  


There is a shoes off and (currently) mask on policy.  Temperatures will be taken at the top of each session and hand-washing is mandatory prior to each session.  For your safety and convenience, a private bathroom is located just adjacent to the space.  

There is a secondary, very large workout space for those who are striving to become more physical with workout/yoga sessions.  To access this space, it is necessary to ‘take a tour’ through (what we affectionately call) The Treehouse; as there is no separate entrance to this particular space.

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