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Check Up

Thinking of or trying to get pregnant? Already pregnant?  Would you like to ensure your pelvic floor and core are operating at their best capacity prior to/during pregnancy?  Please come in for a pre-partum/pre-delivery check up!  It is a wonderful way to ensure fewer complications post-partum and be confident in your body’s abilities prior to your life changing moment.  


This may be one session; it could be multiple.  It would depend on your body’s current state.  But the best way to avoid post-partum problems is to start understanding your body pre partum.   


This checkup will consist of:

  • A full pelvic floor checkup for both tissue tension and strength/endurance

  • Pelvic floor mechanics

    • Check for correct activation and relaxation

  • Abdominal wall activation with diaphragmatic breathing 

  • Potential Diastasis Recti (this can happen to anyone at any time)

  • Pelvic stability and hip strength


Unless you have had this type of therapy before or are ultra-confident in your body’s ability, this checkup is one of the best things you can do for the future health of your body. 

Contact us to schedule your appointment today!

Pre/Partum Check Up and Therapy Session
Pre-Partum Therapy
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