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The McKenzie Method®:  Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy® (MDT)

Backbend Therapy
What is the McKenzie Method®?

The McKenzie Method® is a form of movement diagnosis and treatment, developed by Robin McKenzie from New Zealand.  It uses repetitive movements in both the spine and peripheral joints to discern what the problem is, where it is and how to change it.  It tends to be very effective.  Dr. Danielle Rose is a Certified MDT clinician.  

Is that the backbend therapy?

Though frequently associated with backbends, it is actually not strictly backbending therapy.  It has to do with the motion that the body prefers in order to decrease pain.  Depending on the person and the problem, it can include forward bends or even side gliding.  However, backbends are the most common treatment.

How effective is it?


There are not specific percentages available on effectiveness.  However when the technique is complied with, it is highly effective in decreasing or even abolishing pain.  Though it is by far not the only treatment technique used at Union Yoga & Physical Therapy, it is the one used most frequently.

Is that picture above the kind of backbend I'll have to do??

No!  Definitely not.  I'm sure there will be a nasty-gram about having that picture under a McKenzie header.  Let's say it's a 'stylized' version of it.  The typical backbend associated with this type of treatment is more like a yoga cobra pose.  All arms, passive through the spine and legs.  (Shown below)

If you want to know more, there is a link under the treatment section to the McKenzie website.

Yoga Cobra Pose
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